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Welcome to this blog.

2014 – this is also the temporary home for Willesden Training and Development. although anyone is welcome to read any of the pages, if you are interested in T&D go straight to that page.do leave any comments on what is posted. If you have anything written you wish to share, do contact: judith.mensah@london.anglican.org  0208-991-9571 at the Willesden T&D office.

2012 – this was a new venture of mine, writing a blog during a 3 month sabbatical (May-July 2012) I have started which will last until the end of July. I have called it echoesofandrew, because I am interested in what is left after the main activity is gone and finished – what thoughts are lingering or echoing for me? During this sabbatical I have already travelled across a bit of the Camino Way, a pilgrimmage route in Northern Spain, participated in a week’s exhibition in Perivale on Forgiveness, am currently in America on a course and will be travelling to Jordan and Ethiopia looking at conflict resolution work there. There has been,and will be, plenty to think about. So welcome to the journey and lets see if what I reflect on produces echoes of your own.



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